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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Land of Obscusion Will Be Live at AnimeNEXT 2012!

For those wondering when my reviews will be returning, May should be filled with nothing but reviews, most of which will follow a simple theme: Obscure Entries in Popular Anime. But, to end off an April filled with stuff that aren't reviews, let's talk about conventions. Living in central New Jersey I'm happy to have a fairly local con that happens every early summer: AnimeNEXT. I've been going to AnimeNEXT for the past two or three years now, but this year I thought about doing something new, something I've attended but have never done myself: Host a panel.

So in early March I sent in an application to host a panel at this year's AnimeNEXT, and just last night I got the word that my panel has been approved for the con! This is going to be something new for me, since this is going to be live, in person, & I can't go back and fix any errors I make. With all of that in mind I decided to make this panel about something I feel I am somewhat knowledgeable about to an extent, and I came up with this title:

25 Years of Burning Blood: Masami Kurumada Animes

That's right, for one hour-long panel AnimeNEXT is going to be hot-blooded in a way that only Masami Kurumada can bring it. Saint Seiya (TV series, movies, & the Hades OVAs), Fuma no Kojirou, B't X, & Ring ni Kakero 1 (TV series, Manga DVD, & the Pilot Film) will be covered, with even Seiya spin-offs The Lost Canvas & Omega getting brought up to an extent. I've already got the basic PowerPoint slides down, though I'll likely be checking them over more and more as the con approaches, and I hope to also be able to show video clips from each series. I've only got one hour, so hopefully I can get everything I want in there. I'm both excited and a little nervous, but hopefully it will be a fun time when the panel happens.

So if you'll be at AnimeNEXT this June 8-10, be sure to check out my panel if you have the time and don't have anything else better to do. I don't know right now when it will happen right now, but that's why cons give you those things called guidebooks, right?

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