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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Join The Land of Obscusion Live for Anime Boston!

I am slowly making my way through the next review for Manga May, but in the mean time I've been busy... Getting ready for Anime Boston, that is!

For the first time I am going to Anime Boston, and it's for more than simple enjoyment, because I am doing three panels there! That's right, last year I only did one panel, but this year I am expanding, so if you'll be at AB next weekend (May 24-26), then come check out the three panels I am scheduled for:

Anime Pilots & Precursors
[Friday, May 24; 8:15 PM - 9:15 PM, Panel 206]
Remember when I reviewed the Ring ni Kakero 1 Pilot Film? Or how about the 1998 JSAT pilots for Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, & Seikimatsu Leader-den Takeshi!? Or maybe you remember the Saiyuki "Premium" OVA that predated the original TV series? Well, there's a bunch more stuff like that out there and in this panel I'll be covering a portion of that catalog of pilots & "precursors". Presently, I am planning on covering about 6-8 of them, depending on how long each clip I have goes; with pilots & precursors the focus is on some length, so that viewers can fully take in the differences.

A Visual History of Weekly Shonen Jump
[Friday, May 24; 11:30 PM - 12:30 AM, Panel 202]
Did you know that Weekly Shonen Jump magazine turns 45 this year? If not, then come visit this panel, where I showcase a multitude of Jump anime openings from the 60s to today, and hopefully we can see how the magazine has changed & "evolved" throughout all of these decades. This specific panel idea is meant to be reusable since I can use various themes that tie in the different openings, but for Anime Boston this is simply going to be a "quick & dirty" proof-of-concept. There will be some popular shows, some obscure shows, and everything in between!  It should be a ton of shonen fun!

The Burning Blood Animes of Masami Kurumada
[Saturday, May 25; 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM, Panel 309]
That's right: It's the return of my Kurumada panel from last year's AnimeNEXT! The slides have been updated, the info more recent & detailed, & the clips have all been replaced (& shortened)! It may not have the anniversary theme to it that it had last year, but it's the same hot-blooded history of Masami Kurumada's biggest works, only improved. Unfortunately, AB kind of gave me a super-late-night slot for this panel (I'm running alongside the 18+ panels, even though this is all-ages), but hopefully the fact that this panel is using the biggest room of the three I was given, not to mention it's a Saturday panel, will help alleviate that not-so-ideal time slot.

I am putting the finishing touches on my panels, so I hope any of you who will be at AB next weekend will take the time to check out all three panels I'll have ready to go. It should be a great time in The Walking City...

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