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Monday, August 12, 2013

Post-Otakon Update: 45 Years of Shonen Jump Line-Up!

Excuse the wait I've taken, because I was getting ready for Otakon 20 this year, and I have come back home just yesterday.  Normally, I don't talk about a con visit after the fact, but I wanted to get a couple of things out of the way.

First, a big "Thank You" to Otakon for letting me be a part of the 20th Anniversary of the second-biggest anime convention in North America.  For a first-time panelist at the con I feel honored to have helped celebrate such a joyous occasion for Otakorp.  In terms of the con itself, it was easily the best Otakon I have ever been at.  The panels I went to were all excellent & the panelists prepared & bringing their A-Game (except for one, but nothing's perfect), the guest roster was definitely top-notch, and though the Baltimore Convention Center is becoming too small for the con I have to agree with Zac Bertschy & Justin Sevakis during the live (& unfortunately un-captured) ANNCast when they agreed that Otakon in general has a strong, welcoming, & celebratory feeling to it.  I got to meet a lot of great people, including the likes of Anime World Order's Daryl Surat (a reader of this blog, no less!) & ANN's Justin Sevakis (the man who inspired me to start writing about obscure anime), & I have Otakon 20 to thank for this.

Second, I had an absolute blast doing the one panel I was approved to do: 45 Years of Shonen Jump: A Visual History.  Going off of the Jump panels I did at Anime Boston & AnimeNEXT this year this Otakon version was meant to be the ultimate overview to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (what better place to celebrate one anniversary than at another, right?).  Very quickly the room filled up & I'm sure I had a nigh-packed house, and the roar I heard from simply mentioning Jump's Anniversary told me that this was going to be special.  What resulted was a crowd ready for a celebration filled with tons of cheering & some strong singing along...  When the crowd collectively screamed "You wa Shock!" alongside "Ai wo Torimodose", sang "Saint Seiya!" during "Pegasus Fantasy", & even indulged me by spelling out "B-A-K-A-S-U-R-V-I-V-O-R" during Bobobo's "Baka Survivor" I truly felt something that I never felt before: I truly felt like I was a panelist that was bringing something anime fans loved & wanted to see.

So a great big "THANK YOU!!!" to everyone who came to the panel & had a great time.  Admittedly, I over-estimated what I had time for, but even with me having to cut out three entries (& one from the pre-show) we still got through 38 titles that ran in the pages of Jump & we covered from 1968-2004...  I think we did a damn good job, guys.  The fact that even a member of the panels staff told me that I have to be given more time for the "next time" I do this is really encouraging.  Trust me, even with this variation done & my con season being finished for the year I can always come back to this panel idea.  Many shows have multiple openings, & I can always mix up the focus of the panel, from decade-focused (like 70s-80s or 90s-00s) to "repeat offenders" (mangaka who have had multiple hit titles in Jump) to history-focused specifics (don't you want a comprehensive look at what Jump's "Golden Age" was?).

One thing I got after the panel, though, was that some people didn't quite know what titles I talked about during the panel.  Fair enough, so here's the final line-up that I ran at Otakon & which openings I played (ones with the loudest cheering and/or singing are bolded):
Pre-Show (The Oddest of the Odd):
1981 - Stop!! Hibari-kun! ["Stop! Hibari-kun!!"] (Always good for "trapping" the crowd!)
1985 - Tsuide no Tonchinkan ["Gomen ne Cowboy"]
1987 - Moeru! Onii-san ["Dosha Ori no Generation"] (OVA OP) (People love explosions!)
1993 - Tottemo! Luckyman ["Luckyman no Uta"]
1997 - Hanasaku Tenshi Tenten-kun ["Kurasu de Ichiban Sugoi Yatsu"]

45 Years of Shonen Jump:
1968 - Harenchi Gakuen ["Harenchi Gakuen Song"] (70s Live-Action's Animated OP)
1968 - Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho ["Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho"]
1970 - Dokonjou Gaeru ["Dokonjou Gaeru"]
1971 - Koya no Shonen Isamu ["Koya no Shonen Isamu"]
1976 - Kochikame ["Katsushika Rhapsody"] (OP3)
1977 - Ring ni Kakero ["Asu he no Toushi"] (Season 3 Ver.)
1978 - Cobra ["Cobra the Space Pirate"] (Cobra the Animation OP)
1979 - Kinnikuman ["Honou no Kinnikuman"] (OP2)

1980 - Dr. Slump ["Kao Dekaai"] (1997-1997 Reboot OP1)
1981 - Captain Tsubasa ["Dragon Screamer"] (Road to 2002 OP1)
1983 - Fist of the North Star ["Ai wo Torimodose"] (OP1)
1984 - Kimagure Orange Road ["Night of Summer Side"] (OP1)
1984 - Dragon Ball ["We Gotta Power"] (DBZ OP2)
1985 - City Hunter ["Go Go Heaven"] (CH1 OP2)
1986 - Saint Seiya ["Pegasus Fantasy"] (OP1)
1987 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ["Sono Chi no Sadame"] (OP1)
1988 - Rokudenashi BLUES ["Wild Side of R&R"] (1993 Movie OP)
1989 - Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken ["Yuusha yo, Isoge!!"]

1990 - Slam Dunk ["Kimi ga Sukidatou Sakebitai"] (OP1)
1990 - Yu Yu Hakusho ["Hohoemi no Bakudan"]
1992 - Hareluya II BØY ["Tight-Break"]
1994 - Rurouni Kenshin ["1/2"] (OP2)
1995 - Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san ["Romance"]
[NOTE: Pretty much everything from this point on was cheered like no tomorrow]
1996 - Yu-Gi-Oh! ["Overlap"] (Duel Monsters OP6)
1997 - One Piece ["We Are!"] (OP1)
1998 - Hunter X Hunter ["Taiyou wa Yoru mo Kagayaku"] (1999 Original OP2)
1998 - Shaman King ["Over Soul"] (OP1)
1999 - Hikaru no Go ["Get Over"] (OP1)
1999 - Naruto ["Rocks"] (OP1) (Really, everyone loves this song?!)

2001 - Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo [Baka Survivor] (OP2)
2001 - Bleach [*~Asterisk] (OP1) (I accidentally skipped about half of it due to time running out)
2002 - Eyeshield 21 [Breakthrough] (OP1) (Mostly skipped over due to time)
2004 - Death Note [What's Up, People?] (OP2)
2004 - Gintama [Kaze no Gotoku] (Yorinuki Gintama-san OP2)

Once again, thank you Otakon & everyone who came to my panel: You all helped make this panel one of my absolute happiest con moments ever!  Expect the next review soon!


  1. No love for Mazinger or Prince of Tennis? :(

    Also.. Surprised you put Rocks, Naruto opening 1.. That's like the worst opening I have heard, and not only talking about Naruto..

    I would have love to attend the panel, is there like a video or something? :)

    BTW in the oddest of the odd I would put Midori no Makibaoh and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, it would be fun.

    1. I only had so much time to cover a lot of ground. Therefore, while PoT was a big title for Jump it wasn't included. As for Mazinger, there are people who like to point out that it did debut in Jump, and it was a popular title, but I really hesitate to actually consider Mazinger Z an iconic Jump series. First, Mazinger is known more for its anime productions than its manga productions; second, the original Mazinger Z manga wasn't Jump-exclusive, as it also ran in three other magazines, all of which were credited in the anime's opening credits. It's hard to truly call it a "Jump manga" when it wasn't the only magazine to read it, nor did Shueisha publish it themselves for long.

      As for the inclusion of Rocks, I purposefully included as a way to play with the fans & "troll" them. Unfortunately, and to my utter surprise, everyone attending that panel loved the song! They even did the "Woo-ooo-ooo-ooo!!" at the beginning & end of the song. I essentially ended up "trolling" myself.

      Finally, I saw someone recording the panel but I haven't seen any upload of it yet.

  2. Yeah I have also seen those points be brought when talking about Mazinger.

    And glad to know I am not the only one that doesn't quite like Rocks.