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Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's the Summer of JAM... In Living Colour, at That!

Look in my eyes, what do you see? Nothing, actually, since this is all text & that was a trick question!

Back in 2014, I did something crazy called JAM Project March. At that time, I was planning to attend Anime Boston, which was hosting JAM Project as one of its guests, so I decided to review six anime to celebrate the occasion during that month, with each anime featuring a theme song done by JAM itself; one for each of the current regular members & one for the group as a whole. I also shared an anime theme involving each member (& the group at large) each day of the month over at Twitter, and when I think back at it I wonder how the hell I managed to do such a thing. Actually, I technically didn't manage to do it all as planned, as the final review (Robonimal Panda-Z: The Robonimation) didn't get made until April. So, what does that have to do with this post?

Well, as part of Otakon's first ever convention emanating from Washington D.C., Otakorp has teamed with the Anison World Matsuri for the latter's first ever east coast performance, and one of the acts coming to D.C. for Otakon will be JAM Project (alongside T.M. Revolution, FLOW, & Yousei Teikoku). Therefore, I want to do something similar to JAM Project March... Only in a much more realistic & understandable format.

Therefore, I have come up with the Summer of JAM.

Instead of cramming everything into a single month, I'm instead going to stretch this out over the course of the entire Summer of 2017, similar to when I celebrated Masami Kurumada's 40th Anniversary the same year of JAM Project March. Essentially, each month from June to August will feature two(-ish) reviews of anime featuring theme songs performed by JAM Project & its six current members. In between each of those reviews every month will be your irregularly scheduled Land of Obscusion pieces. June will host a new two-part license rescue "Twelve Anime" list, July will feature a special Obscusion B-Side as well as the seasonal volume of Demo Disc (#10, people!), & August will include a live-action movie B-Side review (it's been on the "To Do List" for a while). Hopefully I can keep to this schedule better than I could in 2014, let alone it just being less insane than it was back then. Also, no anime theme-a-day thing over at Twitter, as that just added to the insanity.

So, what will I be covering during the Summer of JAM? Well, here are the reviews you can look forward to & which member of JAM Project each one ties in with...

-June 2017-
éX-Driver (JAM Project Part 1)
éX-Driver the Movie/Nina & Rei Danger Zone Double Feature (JAM Project Part 2)
Transformers: The Headmasters (Hironobu Kageyama)

-July 2017-
The Legend of Zorro (Masaaki Endoh)
Tales of Eternia the Animation (Masami Okui)

-August 2017-
Kamen no Maid Guy (Yoshiki Fukuyama)
Saint Beast ~Seijuu Kourin Hen~ (Hiroshi Kitadani)

I hope for this to be a very fun & enjoyable Summer, so join me, will you? There will be fast cars, giant robots, legendary pulp heroes, video game side stories, crazed insanity, & even some pretty boys, for good measure. It's sure to be fun for everyone!

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